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Natural History Museum

Published Saturday, April 26th, 2008 in London · « · »
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Boulder Fall Fest
Today I went to the Boulder Fall Fest, an annual street festival that features a mix of local foods, microbrews, music, and art. The was an assortment of sculptors, jewelry makers, fiber artists, photographers, and painters.
Fiery Furnace
In what amounts to another illustration of the fact that I should never be allowed to name a national landmark or monument, I thought “Fiery Furnace” looked more like “Box of Melted Crayons”. All red crayons of course, but still.
Pacing Myself
Yesterday I spent long hours hammering out words for a book I have to produce for work. It’s mostly a matter of cutting and pasting and cringing at the screen as I go back and forth between windows and click here and there and drag and drop.