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Around Appledore Island

Published Thursday, August 20th, 2009 in Maine · « · »

Although I find some aspects of my recent visit to Appledore Island challenging, I seek out my own space amidst the salt-spray and granite.

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Running from Mosquitoes
I try to walk several miles every day, rain or shine. It’s not meant to be my workout, it’s just supposed to be a little walk. It gets the circulation going and gives me a chance to mentally process the day’s activities.
Heat Wave
My best attempts to stay acclimated to the cold are being ambushed by a heat wave. Today it got up to 47° in the Chicago area and tomorrow temperatures are expected to inch even closer to 50 degrees Farenheit.
A Real Spring
It’s the Ides of March which means it’s the dead of winter back in Chicago and I’m giddy that I’m not there to (ahem) enjoy it. Instead, I’m here in Milton Keynes where March is fragrant and mild.