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Around Appledore Island

Published Thursday, August 20th, 2009 in Maine · « · »

Although I find some aspects of my recent visit to Appledore Island challenging, I seek out my own space amidst the salt-spray and granite.

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March Bloom
About this time of year, I get antsy for the landscape to come to life. That’s why I try to time things so that I’m in the UK for February and March, because then I get to see the snowdrops and crocuses and primroses open up and my spirit is lifted at the time I need it most.
Seattle Museum of Flight
We spent today at the Museum of Flight in Seattle where we’ve seen a bunch of stunning aircraft. The highlight of the day was of course seeing and going aboard Concorde G-BOAG, affectionately known as as Alpha Golf.
Snow At Elevation
It snowed in the high country last night so today I cleared my schedule and drove up into the mountains to get a closer look at this season’s first snow.