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Published Saturday, March 5th, 2011 in Buckinghamshire · « · »

Phil and I have visited Stowe many times but I was surprised to realize that I’ve not written about it previously. It’s a stunning place, a vast landscape garden lovingly restored and maintained by the National Trust. And it’s just a twenty-minute drive from our home.

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Classic Images
Planning has its time and its place, but sometimes it’s all about serendipity. Today I spent my lunch break at Lakewood Forest Preserve where I enjoyed a short hike along the shoreline of Taylor Lake.
First Snow
First last night: it snowed. Thick heavy snow, the kind that muffles sounds and makes you feel cozy and warm inside despite dropping temperatures and frosty crystals floating outside in downward spirals and mad swarms.
Spring Training
I’m running again. That’s something that I haven’t admitted to myself it until recently because although I’ve been making a sustained effort to run regularly for a while now, I haven’t been convinced that I would stick with it.