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Land’s End

Published Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 in Cornwall · « · »

The mood of Land’s End can change very quickly and it all depends on the weather. Today, it was quite nippy out and there was a bit of turbulence in the air and on the water.

Land’s End
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Two Storms
I’ve heard that in the moments before a tsunami crashes ashore, the sea rushes away from the beach. I’ve also heard that what you don’t want to do at such a time is follow the sea as it rushes out, because it’s coming back with it a bloody big wave.
A Day in Cambridge
I went to Cambridge for the day to visit with a friend. We had a lovely lunch at La Tasca and then wandered town for a while dipping leisurely in and out of shops.
Gem Lake
This past weekend Phil and I went up to Estes Park to hike the Gem Lake Trail. For most of the hike, it was sunny and mild but as we approached Gem Lake the clouds took over and the temperature dropped.