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Staying Cool

Published Sunday, January 1st, 2012 in Illinois« · »

The Windy City sure lived up to its name today. All day long the wind howled and puffed hefty gusts of cold air from the northwest. Cottonball clouds sped across a cobalt sky—they collided and blended together and by late afternoon the sky was leaden. Once the sun had retreated behind the thick layer of grey, the temperatures tumbled.

I haven’t run for several weeks and I’ve been worried that I’m loosing my edge. To stay active and enjoy the outdoors in the coming cold months, I have to keep up a near-daily habit of walking and running in the cold. If I don’t, I’ll soon succumb to shivers and hot chocolate cravings. Worse yet, I’ll have to move my workouts indoors and that would be a shame. Instead of getting outside each day to enjoy the subtle beauties of winter, I’ll be trapped in the aseptic glow of fluorescent lights at my health club.

Although I knew I had to get outside today, I wasn’t in the mood to do so. I recently subscribed to Netflix and have spent long hours watching documentaries, movies and television shows, determined to get the most out of the free first month of my subscription. Life as a world-class couch potato suddenly seems both appealing and within easy reach.

Luckily, something snapped in me this morning and I turned the television off and geared up to go jogging. I followed my usual route—a 3½ mile loop through an exposed patch of restored prairie and sparse woodlands. I kept moving at a quick pace. After five minutes, the cold wind, which had at first taken my breath away, suddenly felt refreshing. I was getting my edge back. I finished my run just as the clouds started to close in and the temperature began to plummet. I was glad to be home. I’m not ready for the that kind of cold. Not yet.

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