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Boulder to Santa Fe

Published Sunday, October 28th, 2012 in Colorado · « · »

I’m not quite sure where to start with all this, but I guess Boulder is as good a place as any. Or maybe it would be better for me to summarize how we got to Boulder. You see, two days ago, after making some last minute hotel reservations and throwing a bunch of miscellaneous crap in the car, we set off on I-80 towards Omaha. We stayed there for the night and then yesterday drove from Omaha to Boulder.

And so here we are, today, driving from Boulder to Santa Fe. We plan to stay a couple nights in Santa Fe before heading on to various remote corners of northern Arizona and southwestern Utah. When we run out of either laundry detergent or pistachios, we’ll head home again. That’s the plan.

Somewhere in northern New Mexico along Interstate 25.

This whole crazy endeavour sprouted from the fact that several weeks ago I had surgery and am now resting and recovering before going back to work later next month. I’m well enough to do many things but I’m not well enough to work. On top of that, it’s been nearly two years since we’ve had a real vacation and the only way I was able to get this time off was to do so in collusion with ambulatory surgery at Evanston Hospital. Given this hard-won freedom, I’m not going to waste it at home counting the hours and the days as they go by.

I’m burnt-out after many months of overtime, sore after several hours of surgery and a little manic following three weeks of ingesting opioid agonists. I’m also determined to remain west of the Mississippi for longer than a fortnight.

Moon over northern New Mexico.
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