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Sunny Loughton

Published Thu, Jan 3rd, 2013 in Buckinghamshire · Follow: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst, Flickr« · »

One of the lovely things about Britain in January is that when the sun comes out, you’d never know it was winter. When the sun’s out, it’s like stepping into the May issue of Countryfile Magazine. And that’s a wonderful thing in January. Since the northern latitudes are tilted so far askew and the sun’s rays scatter through a thick slice of atmosphere, the light that illuminates the landscape does so with the warmest, most saturated hues imaginable. It’s simply breathtaking.

All Saints Church, Loughton.

Today, it wasn’t sunny for as long as it was on New Year’s Day. By noon the sun had tucked itself behind a thick embankment of clouds. But that’s all right. The days grow longer pretty quickly after the winter solstice at this latitude. Each passing day brings with it a better chance for a longer swatch of sunshine.

The view down Church Lane, Loughton.

We had time for only a short walk today. My meeting schedule is heavy on Thursdays and it kept me from wandering far from my office most of the day. Of course, as fate would have it, all my meetings ended up being cancelled minutes before they took place so the tether to my office was, in the end, pointless. By the time the last of my meetings had been scuttled, it was too dark to venture back outside. Time for a nice cup of tea and a lounge on the couch. Perhaps next week I’ll be back in the swing of things enough to work properly.

As a technical side note, I just wanted to mention that I’ll be adjusting a few things here on my website. So if you see the occasional oddity in the typefaces or sidebars or headers, don’t be surprised. I’ll try to keep the inevitable dust cloud of HTML and CSS to a minimum. I also have a backlog of posts to finish and publish so be sure to keep an eye on the archive for additional entries. If you are so inclined.

Lodge Lake, Loughton
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