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All the Way to Chasm Lake
I wake at 3:45 AM and make final preparations for a hike to Chasm Lake. I toss my gear in the car and set off. At this time of the morning, the drive is easy, the sky clear, the stars bright, the landscape vast.
A Change of Seasons
I love something about every day I spend in the mountains, but the early days of autumn hold a special place in my heart. At this time of year, the scorching heat of summer begins its retreat.
The Loch
I wake at four am to a chirping duet of alarm clocks. For a moment, I contemplate how wonderful it would be to shut them both off, roll over, and go back to sleep. But then I recall my plan to hike to The Loch today.
Lake Irene
It’s two weeks since I last ventured into the mountains and I wonder if I’m getting lazy. To combat a growing sense of stagnation, I resolve to find a new high-country destination to explore this weekend.
Blue Bird Loop
At one point the trail disappears onto an exposed stretch of granite. I continue to walk for few minutes across the rock and come to the other side. The giant slab ends at a steep drop-off.
Haleakala in the Fog
On the last day of our visit, we check out of the Ritz Carlton and ask to rent a car. Our flight is late in the evening and we hope to sightsee during the day. But the car rental desk at the Ritz refuses to rent us one of the many dozens of vehicles in their lot because we have just checked out.
Lunch in Lahaina
After several days of gloomy weather in Kapalua, we’re ready for some sunshine. We decide to visit Lahaina. We catch the shuttle bus from our hotel and travel southward along Honoapiilani Highway for a dozen miles or so.
Spring Training
I’m running again. That’s something that I haven’t admitted to myself it until recently because although I’ve been making a sustained effort to run regularly for a while now, I haven’t been convinced that I would stick with it.
Walker Ranch
This weekend I made a short, exploratory visit to Walker Ranch, a Boulder County Park that lies amongst the Flatirons along Flagstaff Road. I’m hoping to return in the coming weeks to hike the Walker Ranch Loop Trail.
January Busy Work
January always seems to be one of the busiest months of the year for me. On the job front, I usually receive a flood of new projects and responsibilities that need my immediate attention and require many hours of overtime.