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Cadillac Desert

Published Monday, August 7th, 2017 in Book Reviews« · »
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Nighthawk Trail
Near the Hall Ranch trailhead, you have the choice of either following the Bitterbrush Trail or the Nighthawk Trail. In the past, I’ve hiked the Bitterbrush Trail many times but I’ve only followed the Nighthawk Trail once, for a short distance.
The rains are here. For five days straight, I’ve lived under leaden skies and breathed in damp air. The garden is lush, which saves me the chore of watering flowerbeds twice daily.
Heat Wave
My best attempts to stay acclimated to the cold are being ambushed by a heat wave. Today it got up to 47° in the Chicago area and tomorrow temperatures are expected to inch even closer to 50 degrees Farenheit.